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Certificate Pricing

Image by Nick Gosset

Private Pilot Package

​✔ Up to 45 hours in the aircraft ✔ 30 hours of ground instruction ✔ 30 hours of flight instruction ✔ All books, online ground school, and required pilot supplies ($500) ✔ Written Exam Fee ($175) ✔ Checkride Fee ($700.00) ✔ This is an all-inclusive package. One fee, no surprises Or ✔ Pay as you go  ✔ Rent Our Aircraft ✔ Use Our Instructors

Image by Nick Gosset

Career Pilot Program

​✔ 275 hours in aircraft ✔ Private Pilot Certificate ✔ Instrument Rating ✔ Commercial Pilot Certificate (ASEL) ✔ CFI - Certified Flight Instructor ✔ CFII - Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument ✔ ME - Multi-Engine Commercial ✔ MEI - Multi-Engine Commercial ✔ CFI Interview with Patriot Pilot Academy and Other local schools. *The commercial pilot certificate requires approximately 120 hours of time building. This is included in the above price. If you would like to do this as ‘Adventure Time Building’, add $10,000.00 to the package price for hotels,associated fees,instructor and landing fees.

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