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Multi Engine


Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Package

The Multi-Engine Course


The Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Rating is a fun rating to add to your existing Commercial Single-Engine Certificate. There is no knowledge test required and no minimum time – just ground and flight training to achieve proficiency and then a practical test (checkride) with
an Examiner (DPE).

As an “Add-On” rating you will be working on both VFR and IFR operations while getting familiar with the operation of a twin-engine aircraft with complex systems (retractable gear and constant speed props). Much of the training is getting used to working with the additional systems, getting used to flying with a flow (backed up by checklist) and coming to grips with the additional decisions required when flying a twin (take-off go/no-go decisions).

The rating is a steep learning curve that takes a single-engine pilot from feeling like a beginner again to feeling like a pro at the controls of a far more complex machine.

Most pilots can reach required proficiency to be ready for the Checkride in 10-15 hours of training.

Ground Training

Ground knowledge training includes the aerodynamic differences of flying a twin (vs a single), asymmetric thrust – flying with single engine, drag, weight and balance for larger airplanes, performance and take-off decisions, complex systems and others.


We offer three basic Multi-Engine packages. Pilots will normally achieve the Multi-Engine Add-On Rating in the 15-hour package. However, most airlines require 25 hours of multi-engine time. Some require 50 or more, and most will look more favorably at an applicant with more

multi-engine hours.

5 Day / 10 Hour Package

25 Hour Package

50 Hour Package

10 Hours Ground

10 Hours Flight Instructor

10 Hours Aircraft Rental

10 Hours Ground

25 Hours Flight Instructor

25 Hours Aircraft Rental

10 Hours Ground

50 Hours Flight Instructor

50 Hours Aircraft Rental

What Pricing Does and Doesn’t Include

  • Pricing includes the airplane (wet) hours quoted for the package

  • Pricing includes CFI dual instruction time for the hours quoted

  • Pricing does not include any overages in time – these will be charged at current hourly rates ($450/hr for the airplane and $75 for the CFI)

  • Pricing does not include the Examiner (Checkride) Fee (normally $800-$1,000)

  • Pricing does not include the aircraft rental during the Checkride (if not achieved inside course hours)

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