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New Customer Paperwork & Checklist

Want to save time when you come in to sign up as a student or renter pilot?  Review the checklist and fill out or review our paperwork prior to arrival and bring the applicable items on the checklist.

Overview Packet

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Download our Flight school Packet here!

Aviation Medical Examiners

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Download our Flight school Packet here!

For Questions And Enrollment

Student Pilot Certificate

A Student Pilot Certificate is the first step to becoming a Pilot.  Although you may begin your flight training prior to obtaining your Student Pilot Certificate, you cannot solo until you have the certificate in hand.  The expiration date of your new Student Pilot certificate will be 5 years.  Most students will become Private Pilots well within that time and the FAA will mail your next Certificate.

Obtaining your Student Pilot Certificate is pretty simple.  Once you choose the best flight instructor for you, set up a meeting.  Your instructor will sit with you and fill out the on-line application for your Student Pilot Certificate.  The FAA will run a back ground check and in approximately 3 weeks mail you your new Student Pilot Certificate!  

You will need an IACRA account.  You can sign up for IACRA at

Once you register, you will be given an FTN number.  WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN.  Also, write down your username and password.  Bring these with you when you meet with your instructor.

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