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Looking to take your pilot skills to new heights? Patriot Pilot Academy can help you achieve your goals with our Instrument Rating course. Our training will help enhance your skills and confidence, so you can fly in more challenging conditions. Contact us today to get started on your journey to becoming a better pilot.

Why Should I Get My Instrument Rating?


Increased Versatility and Flexibility

With an Instrument Rating, pilots can fly in a wider range of weather conditions, including low clouds, reduced visibility, and adverse weather. This ability is crucial for those who want to fly regularly and reliably, as it reduces the impact of weather-related delays and cancellations.The Instrument Rating often includes training for night operations. This allows pilots to extend their flying hours, providing more flexibility in scheduling flights and making them more versatile in various flying scenarios.


Enhanced Safety and Risk Mitigation

Instrument training helps pilots develop the skills to operate the aircraft solely based on instruments, mitigating the risks associated with reading weather reports and spatial disorientation. This is especially important in challenging weather conditions or situations where visual references are limited.  This training enhances a pilot's overall situational awareness and decision-making skills, contributing to a safer flying experience.


Professional Advancement and Career

For those pursuing a career as a commercial pilot, the Instrument Rating is often a prerequisite to enrolling in the Commercial Pilot Course.


Airlines and other commercial operators require pilots to hold an Instrument Rating. 


How do I Enroll in the Instrument Rating Pilot Course?

Reach out to us via phone or email. We will find a date and time that works for both you and the instructor. Be prepared to fill out our required paperwork. This is a standard procedure for aviation activities.

Instrument Rating Course

For a comprehensive flight training experience, our all-inclusive package covers everything you need to obtain a Instrument Rating. This package encompasses up to 50 hours of hands-on aircraft experience, along with 30 hours of ground instruction and 40 hours flight instruction. Included in the cost are all necessary books, access to online ground school, and essential pilot supplies, totaling a value of $500. Additionally, the package covers the fees for the written exam ($175) and the checkride (up to $900.00). With this all-inclusive offer, you can embark on your aviation journey with the assurance of a single fee and no unexpected expenses, making the path to becoming an instrument rated pilot straightforward and transparent.

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